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Mattel India sets a Guinness World record for the tallest toy vending machine in the world, at over 25 feet. The record was set on 4 Dec, 2013, in partnership with Ogilvy India and Oberoi Mall, accompanied by massive PR and media coverage across television, radio, print, outdoor and digital media. 

I was part of the core 3-member Hot Wheels brand team that organized and executed the event, in collaboration with creative and event agencies, PR, media and venue partners, in-house designers and business units. 


The event led to a 555% increase in average sales of the Hot Wheel basic car, with the 360-degree marketing campaign reaching an audience of 2 million+. 


Click here to watch the Guinness World Record video on YouTube.


*Click on an image below.

The Hot Wheels Thrill Machine
The Hot Wheels Thrill Machine
Capt. Mattel &Capt. Hot Wheels
Team Xtreme
The car that set the Record!
Crowds at the Oberoi Mall
Outdoor and Online promotion
Television and Print coverage
Massive crowd at the Oberoi Mall

Sharon D'Costa, Mattel, Brand Management

Sharon D'Costa, Mattel, Brand Management

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