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  • Sharon D

Winner - 3rd - Product Innovation challenge by Unilever - Eyeka

I always enjoy a good creative challenge, especially one that can help create value for a business or help them solve a business challenge.

I entered a a global product innovation challenge by Unilever in the RTE foods segment.

Unilever was looking for a new instant hot snack product for their Knorr brand, and were looking to expand their current range of offerings. They were looking for new instant snack ideas that did not exist on the market and that would appeal to a global target audience, similar to consumers of their instant noodle products.

While I am not permitted to disclose my idea, it was inspired by popular Asian and Italian cuisine.

The challenge was held on creative crowdsourcing platform, Eyeka, and I placed third among 65 participants and 85 entries from 35 countries.

My approach involved plenty of research on the brand's current offerings, their competitors' offerings worldwide, popular snacks around the world that did not exist in the instant format, and finally a mind map of possible product ideas.

April 2021.

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