I'm an entrepreneur and marketer by profession, with a multi-disciplinary academic and professional background. 

From brand management, design and market research to supply chain planning, sales and training - I've tried it all - succeeded at some, failed miserably at others, but gained immense learning along the way, including my ability to see the 'big picture'. 

In 2015, I founded Word-of-Mouse, a marketing solutions company that works with startups and small businesses worldwide to help them craft and launch their marketing efforts, with a focus on Digital channels.

I've previously worked in brand marketing at Mattel and Groupon -- more on that on my  Portfolio  page HERE.

Throughout my career, I've enjoyed challenging conventional methods and principles, and developing original, user-centered (and usually effective) solutions to most challenges I've encountered. If there's one thing consistently evident in all of the work I've done, this is it. I'm an 'ideas person'.

I have a keen interest in social entrepreneurship - especially in the areas of Education and Women's empowerment. My stint as a volunteer teaching underprivileged youth remains one of my most enriching and cherished experiences to date.

I'm passionate about all things digital and keen on learning more about Big Data, P2P business models and augmented/virtual reality as business platforms.

Sharon D'Costa
Sharon D'Costa

I am always learning. From teaching myself to build a pretty neat functional website, and some design skills to starting virtual goods stores, creative crowdsourcing and a few other online ventures, I'm always looking for something new to try.

Outside of work, I'm a gamer, casual gaming blogger and amateur artist with a keen interest in psychology, travel, aviation, classic movies and all things digital. I've also been a college soccer player, I l enjoy a game of badminton and I'm a borderline caffeine-addict. I am also very interested in world history and culture, and pretty much everything vintage and retro. I'm a classic rock and old western movie fan.

If you have something you could use my help with -- are a great company that thinks I'd be a valuable addition to their marketing team -- or just want to connect and say Hello - drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.  





Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Business Design, 2010-2012,

Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research

Bachelor of Arts,

Psychology and History, 2007, University of Mumbai, Sophia College

Social Entrepreneurship,

Continuing Education, 2014,

University of Pennsylvania-Wharton,

via. Coursera

Introduction to Marketing,

Continuing Education, 2014, University of Pennsylvania-Wharton, via. Coursera